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User-defined Sound Alerts get jumbled when toggling between Paintbars

Doug Hayman

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Running latest Beta from this morning, but I've seen this problem before.

I have a layout that has a chart that makes use of Paintbars.  Within a given paintbar, I have 4 user-defined audio alerts (TriggerAlerts()), where the sound files are stored in a dedicated folder outside of the MT file tree structure.  When I toggle to a different paintbar on this chart that similarly has 3 user-defined audio alerts, and then go back to the original paintbar, the audio files associated with the 4 alerts become jumbled - that is the the wrong audio files are now associated with each of the Triggers, and I need to manually map them back to their desired mapping.

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if you are updating the same Paintbar indicator to just have a different Paintbar selected, this can happen. If a common thing, I suggest adding a separate Paintbar indicator and selecting the other paintbar in there. Can always hide one that you are not using if you don't want to remove.

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