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1. column don't work [Vol% and Avg. Vol]

2. Fix Autofit column with data (not only fit label)

3. Fix Exchange column (separate Nyse stocks from Amex( NYSEMKT), and if possible separate Nasdaq stocks by Market sector (Nasdaq NM, Nasdaq GM, Nasdaq CM)

I use this Thread for all Stockwatch issue (by number)

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4. please add (horizontal and vertical separator.

look like on QT: http://gyazo.com/deceb1e539720cecf784aaf714f23bca

(for horizontal separator, please make it large like the vertical separator, to gain space for more stock.)

It's useful to separate a class of stock in a screen.

Note that "Sub group label" isn't useful: http://gyazo.com/d8691a48831714d692d64469dbb574f3

5. Adjust the ribbon (if possible) make it less larger and organize font and icon (too big) or make it customizable, in the future, in dimension and type of font.

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7. Mkt Capital don't show value (Sh. Outstanding yes)

look: http://gyazo.com/383c1cdc56c42ffa35f6bbc2796d472c

8. Please add an option to edit color on main window (ok, I can select by various predefined sets) but is a good thing if I can edit my color (Backgrund, separator column color, font type and color, label color, etc... )

Now I can edit (change my colors) ONLY in the Intraday and Historical chart

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Market Cap - what symbols ?  everything I tried here returned values. 


Grid colors - the Color combinations for the grid are a lot more complex than for charts (at least 70 different settings per color set) and we did not want to add something that complicated to be user configurable. 

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1) MT actually updates the charts far more frequently in most cases than QT. 

2) this isn't a chart issue. It is a data issue


What quote source is this?

if TD Ameritrade, do you have the "Stream Tick Quotes" option checked on SETTINGS / Configure Accounts / TD Ameritrade...

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