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elder force index and all other lines


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It's always been a bug with MT. With Elder Force Index, it's  Impossible to get rid of 0.000 inside of yellow price box.  With newest version of MT,  four 0.000 inside yellow boxes are displayed.  So instead of wanting no 0.000 yellow boxes, now there are four that are impossible to get rid of.  Elder Force should work like the other indicators.  If you want a price at 0.000, just put a horizontal line at 0.000 and check the display price box.  All the multiple identical prices are superfluous, redundant, unnecessary, needless, nonessential, uncalled-for, unwarranted, etc.  Please add a global or individual situation box that can be checked to go back to the previous way show price was done before.  If it is so difficult to see overlapping prices, make the chart taller and/or reorder the sort.

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