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Strange Mouse Behavior on DOM when moving Trailing Stop in Active Order

Doug Hayman

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StopLimit OTOCA BUY @MESZ20 order executes with Sell Limit Order profit and Sell Trailing Stop$ set properly on executed order, 5 point Limit Target; 3.5 point TrailingStop $.

While trade is active, I find that when I try to move the Trailing Stop $ leg manually on the DOM with mouse upward to a given price (that is, to less than 3.5 points from the market price), it often snaps to the wrong price on initial try, but on secondary attempt, it moves to the desired price via the mouse.  I don't get this behavior when I try to modify the Limit Target leg once the trade is active.

I have the DOM set to the 2nd smallest Font Size in my setup.

  I have tried on the next largest font size, and still have this issue.

Can you replicate this on your end?

Thanks in advance.

NOTE: Same behavior on a StopLimit OTOCA SELL, with Trailing Stop$.

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Thanks Jerry.  Additionally, another related issue:

I notice also that if I manually move the TStop$ price on the DOM a 2nd or 3rd time, the TStop$ value subsequently moves in BOTH directions as the market moves, as opposed to just moving in a favorable direction.   Doesn't always happen, but I think it's related to multiple adjustments of the TStop$ value from its original trade-specified value.  Happens on both Buy and Sell sides.

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what happens in general with T-STOP is you set the offset, and then the server sends us the actual stop price, and updates that stop price when the T-STOP is moved. Until MT gets the stop price, it just offsets from last. If for some reason that update is not occurring (or not recorded), what you described might happen.

Next time you see it happen, please look on ACCOUNT VIEW window, TRANSACTIONS tab. Does MT show anything in the STOP PRICE field? and if so, what exactly?

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OK, I think I created this new issue using Sim Trading as follows:

StopLimit OTOCA Buy Order with Limit Price and T-Stop$ price executed.   The T-Stop$ price shows up in the Transactions tab of the Account View Window for that Transaction, so IB has sent it back to MT OK.

Next, if I attempt to move the T-Stop$ price lower (not higher), I get a scenario where T-Stop$ subsequently moves up/down along with the market price movement.  Note that if I had moved T-Stop$ higher (not lower), this new issue does not occur.

I'm assuming that behavior is the same on the Sell Side as well.

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