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Please add Fibonacci Timezone



With "editable" Fibonacci value.

example: I want 1 vertical bar delimitating a time between 10 days (in the past or in the future) from a starting day point and another vertical bar over 5 days after last vertical bar... and another etc....

In a screen option you can add a column like fib Retrac. and Fib Fans and I will use my custom timezone (and not only Fibonacci value).

Hope It's clear. If not I'll explain better in future.

PS: it's important only in a historical chart. (intraday isn't useful IMHO)

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I use a software (Amibroker) and there are 2 way to use Timezone:

"Fibonacci Timezone" and "Fibonacci Time Extension". (little difference between their but both useful)

But Amibroker have an inner tool to create own indicator by programming. and I make my personalized "Timezone Indicator" and I move it in the past or in the future (with my fixed[variable] value).

I put it over the chart like Fibonacci indicators (but value (space between days) are personalized)


Ok Medved.. new build today working fine.

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It would be nice to have editable custom values for the Fib retracements like QT, maybe all entries should editable
with a default button to bring in common default Fib Retracements. Also color choice for each retracement level.
Thanks and great job!

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GMAN - having all values editable would be just lines, not Fibonacci Retracements.  MT does let you specify custom levels (on SETTINGS/Charts/Fib... screen)


You can configure one retracement the way you want the default to be, then on the parameter screen click the SET AS DEFAULT button and click OK. All future retracements will use that as the default. That screen also lets you select the custom colors for each retracement

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