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Scan results in portfolio

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In the help doc: "

NOTE: each scan may have several results. If you would like to have more than one scan result in a scan, you'd have to use the SetScanResult function that would include the scan result number.

SetScanResult("Got One");      this would trigger the first scan result and show it in the first scan result column.

SetScanResult(1, "Got One");  this would trigger the second scan result and show it in the second scan result colund

... 2, 3, etc. "


1) Can more than 1 named scan be applied to a portfolio (I think the answer is no)?

2) Can we incorporate the code for multiple different scans into a single named scan - and the results will be labeled using the SetScanResult?

3) The help implies that multiple scan columns can be inserted in the portfolio - I tried this and it doesn't work (I can only get a single scan column). Should it work?


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1) right now - no. ideally in the future yes, though not sure how that would work as far as the user interface

2) Yes, no problem. You would want to do that in Advanced mode. Relatively easy actually.

3) once you select a scan that has multiple results defined in it, the columns will then be available, or if you start the scan and filtering is NOT on, MT will automatically add the extra columns for the results.

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