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In paintbar/scan editor alerts are not triggering


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I do not know if I fully understand alerts in paintbar, but as I looked into the documentation, everything should be working, but it isn't.


My goals is to set an alert, that would be triggered if the closing price of 1min candle crosses a VWAP.

For that my code looks like this.

if (Close.CrossesUp(VWAP_Line, 0))  {   SetColorAndShape("vwap cross up", PBShape.ArrowUp_Hollow, 0xFF93FF99);   TriggerAlert("VWAP crossed up", @"Price crossed up the VWAP");  }
if (Close.CrossesDown(VWAP_Line, 0))  {   SetColorAndShape("vwap crosses down", PBShape.ArrowDn_Hollow, 0xFFFF4E4E);   TriggerAlert("VWAP crossed down", @"Price crossed down the VWAP");  }


Although, even when the closing price crosses the vwap, no alerts are triggred.

So I tried simple scan/alert, that should alert if the price is above 100$ or below.





The scanning worked.



But no alerts were triggered.


I tried to set up the same alert in alert editor and it worked, but in alert editor, there's not enough customization. I need alerts for my portfolio that trigger when prices cross something. Scanning result is simply not enough, since it can be easily overlooked.


I hope I am not missing something.


Thank you so much.

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there are 2 steps. 

1) Define the alert - that is the part that you did

2) Turn on the alert and specify alert parameters (how notifications are done). That is done on the SCANNER tab of the portfolio. Click the PARAMS button. If the scan has alerts defined, they will be shown there and you can click on them to enable and to view alert info.

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