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Can put Pace as a column in Portfolios?



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Not directly. However, as a workaround, you can do so using the scan machinery in the portfolio. 

Create a paintbar/scan that has PACE indicator on it. Can be anything. Then switch to “Advanced Mode” on top. Replace the code displayed to just be:
public void MainCalculation()

That way there is no computation. It just sets the result of the scan to the Pace value.  

Save that paintbar. Let call it "Pace Display".
Then, on the portfolio, go to the SCANNER tab. 
1.    Select the "Pace Display" Scan (the one you just created or imported)
2.    UN-Select the FILTER option – you don’t want it filtering. You just want the scan to run and show results for all rows
3.    Click the START button. 
MT will start the scan and will automatically add “Scan Result” and “Scan Date” columns. You can get rid if the Scan Date column if you want. The Scan result (or may show as just “Scan”) is the Pace value 

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