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CME Mini-Bitcoin Contract

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Hi guys,

CME just started a mini-BTC (BRR) contract yesterday.  For IB, the May contract symbol on MT is @BRRK21.

When I enter a Short Limit trade via TWS on this contract, all is well.

However, on the DOM, when I try to enter a Short Limit for 1 contract, I get the IB error message on MT of:

"ERROR: IB SERVER RESPONSE: The contract description specified for BRR is ambiguous; you must specify the currency

 Short 1 @BRRK21 at Limit of 54,540 Day_Ext"

Any idea why I'm getting this "currency" error, and how to rectify?

Thanks in advance.

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Right, there's a multiplier, which I set on TWS, and not MT.  I want the mini (hence 0.1).

However, that nomenclature still gives me that Currency error msg above.   I tried "@BRRK21:*0.1" and "@BRRK21:*.1" and still get same error.


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OK, got it resolved, looking at your symbol HELP.

Need to include the currency in the symbol definition.  In my case:


Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

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Jerry, see above. I tried it w/o the currency specified, and I got the original error msg above. Maybe it’s required in this case, since it can be denominated in a CCY other than USD.

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