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Historical Chart bug


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Looks like historical charts do not display current day correctly before market opens. (have a look at screen capture image)

On the 1 min chart it is ok, but not on historical chart.



On a side note you can also see that the cursor cross hair does not go away when moving my cursor to a different chart.


Thank you,


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your issue is with the data. Assuming you didn't change the settings, Hist chart will get the last candle data from the Level I quote. And it seems that your Level I quote has wrong LOW value. 


As for the cursor, are you using the latest build that we just released? do you have trace linking set for the charts in question?


If it is something you can easily recreate, email us your settings. FILE/Export Settings

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Using Level 1 quotes from IB. When the market opens the candle correctly updates itself in the Historical Charts. What settings do I need to change?

As for the cross hair it is not consistent, sometimes it will disappear sometimes not.




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