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Scan Result: Bearish Engulfing Candle Pattern Displays as GREEN in Scan Result Column

Doug Hayman

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3 minutes ago, Mike Medved said:

What is the code?

Mike, I included it in original message, but for some reason it didn't get posted (I cut/paste from Paintbar editor):

if (CandlePattern.Engulfing() == -1)


    SetColorandShape("Engulfing", PBShape.Circle, Color.Red);

    SetScanResult("Bearish: Bearish Engulfing);


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Mike, to be clear, the SetColorandShape works correctly, and labels the Engulfing correctly on the Chart as a RED dot; that's not the issue.

In my Scanner tab of my portfolio, the above code which flags the candle pattern correctly just displays the bearish result in the Scan Result column in color GREEN.  I don't think that I have control over the color that is displayed in the Scan Result Column; that must be something you do by default, depending on whether the Candle Pattern is bullish vs. bearish.  Given that the "Engulfing" function handles both Bullish and Bearish cases, I'm guessing that you're not displaying the color correctly in the bearish case.

[Sorry, when I cut/paste my code from the Advanced Paintbar window, the forum S/W cut off the code and my explanation originally]

Again, I don't think it's a function of the scan code.   If you still need it, let me know, and I'll send it to you via Email.

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