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Possible Issue with latest Beta


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Since Last Friday (10/29/2021) when I downloaded the latest beta, I’ve been getting a lot of errors when trying to sell a long position.  The long position isn’t showing up as quickly as it normally does in the positions tab of the Account View window.  So, often when I click to sell it, I get an error because it thinks I want to go short when I already have a long position.  At first, I thought the TD Ameritrade servers were just busy, since this does happen on occasion during busy times.  However, I got these errors spread out through the entire day, not on every trade, but often (6 times Friday, 9 times Monday, and 5 or 6 times Tuesday and Wednesday).  I did temporarily turn off the short and cover buttons from the Trade Ticket to make sure I wasn’t clicking the wrong button, but that wasn’t the problem. Last night I re-installed back to the previous beta version (1.1.9430.300 from 10/27/2021) and I haven’t had the issue at all today, so I assume something changed in the most recent beta. PLEASE NOTE: This is probably most noticable because of the way I trade….I use the Trade Confirmation window when submitting an order from the Trade Ticket window and then immediately click the “sell” button and get another Trade Confirmation window….If I looked at the text of the confirmation window, it would clearly show “short” instead of “sell”….however at these times my concentration is elsewhere….charts, Level II, etc.  Please let me know if you need any other information from me.


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I sent you an update. Please let me know if you have issues after that. If you do, I would need to get a log to check, so send that. In the comment, indicate exactly which order I should look at.

NOTE: only change (both in beta and the update I sent yo) had to do with trades placed via regular trade ticket,

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