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Spread charting



MT has Price spread indicator, I suggest this can be enhanced or a new type of chart can be made by allowing multiple symbol's values plotting net OHLC values chart. As bonus if this value can be displayed in a watch list as a custom named symbol. TWS does similar for option strategy price plotting and watchlist item. Some other software do similar in symbol comparison charts using simple arithmetic.


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This involves fetching price data for multiple symbols and presenting them as one symbol to plot or watchlist item. This can be used for options and future spreads and detect arbitrage etc.

(Symbol1 (+-/* [n]))(+-/*)(Symbol2(+-/* [n]))(+-/*)(Symbol2(+-/* [n])).......

Below example is a simple Bull call spread. 

(.SPY_211119C460 * 1) + (.SPY_211119C465 * -1)

(10.40) + (6.33) = 4.07 current price of spread per contract

In MT, I can do something similar by adding spread to a new portfolio using options risk analyzer and plot Total value of spread in an intraday chart. Historical chart is greyed out though and I can't plot just the price as shown above.

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