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What components to upgrade.


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I have my 5yr old CPU i7-6700K, 16gb ram,  nvidia geforce gtx 1060. 


I have opened around 12 charts with the parameter /FASTCHARTS, It runs ok, but in the morning when the volume is big, the software isn't as snappy as I'd like it to be. Especially right at the open it is very noticable.


When I am upgrading my computer, what should I focus on more? The CPU or the GPU?


Thank you.

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you didn't mention the hard drive. SSD will be way better than regular. and new M2 SSDs far better than old ones. 

NOTE: with /FASTCHARTS the CPU usage will be higher, not lower. You may want to just try removing that flag.  

hard to tell exactly, though more memory than 16gb is always a good idea. CPU - are you maxing it out in the morning? or maxing out individual processors? or over 50?

12 charts in and of itself should not be that big a deal for your system. Either something else is running or the charts are configured in a way that would be pretty heavy on the CPU. TickCharts? paintbars? what indicators?

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Hi, thanks for the answer.


I am using a SSD, not the M2 though.


I am aware that the /FASTCHARTS is havier on the load. To be honest there's not really a difference when using it in terms of performace. The charts are updating a bit faster. But even when it's turned off the tracer/L2/t&s are lagging. 


When I looked up the CPU load, it's not constant. Sometimes it spikes up to 90%, then down to 7% etc. But the avarage is around 20-30%


The charts are fairly simple. It's a candle chart with 2 emas.


I made sure to add exceptions to win defender and also reinstalled OS once in the past. Pretty much nothing changed.

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