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Position Sizing Tool



Would it be possible to make a drawing tool for position sizing?  Maybe something similar to the risk/reward tool.  
It would only need a line for your entry, a line for your initial stop loss and an input for your $Risk.  Then it could calculate the position sizes dynamically as you move the lines on the chart.  $Risk / (Entry - Stop) = Size.  And then allow it to execute a trade with that information.


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It's actually more difficult to select now but I see why.  To select the tool you have to click the exact corner of the tool, clicking the line doesn't select it.  If you do have the text on you are able to click on the text and drag the tool around, you can't do that with the text off.  I think having solid lines that you can click anywhere on to select it would be helpful.

Thanks for your work on this, it really helps in sizing positions.


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When the RR tool is dropped on the chart, it will usually be placed near the last bar on the right side. However, this causes the RR tool to go off chart (see screenshot) as you drag with the mouse to expand the tool.

Can you change the behavior to automatically add spacing on the chart so that the RR tool is displayed within the chart?

In addition to dragging the tool on the chart, I'd like to suggest to allow one-click drop off.

Basically: select RR tool, click near the last bar - this causes the RR tool to be auto-placed with entry point at mouse location and stop/target points at their default setting.



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