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I have the default set to "During Extended Hours".  I only changed it to "Current Day" to see if it would work.  I don't want it to look at the data from extended hours if possible but that's the only way it will work right now.  It seems like by setting it to "Current Day" it then has enough bars from pre-market to do the calculation.



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If you don't want it to have data from premarket, just set it to Never. If you set it to Current Day, then it will always have data from Premarket (for Current Day).


To check if you SHOULD be getting the scan that you want, place the scan as a paintbar on a chart, then set its Extended Hours to be same as on the scan and see if anything gets hit.

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I have the default set to "During Extended Hours" because I want to see the pre-market data during pre-market, then at 9:30 it doesn't show the pre-market data anymore, which is how I want it.  I don't run a scan until 10am.  So when I run a scan it shouldn't be pulling any data from pre-market (which it isn't).  Now between 10am to 11:30am when I am running this scan on a 30 minute chart it doesn't find any NR7s unless I change Extended Hrs: to "Current Day" (which I don't want).  If I put it on the chart as a paintbar it does not show NR7s during the first few hours of the day, but at the end of the day it will then show the ones that it was supposed to be showing from the morning.

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