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Show number of opened position on Portfolio Status Bar




Could there be an option on the Status Bar of the Portfolio where it says the number of opened positions we have, and then if we click on it, it tells us the symbols 
So something like this "O.P. = 3"

Or Maybe inside the portfolio itself, if there can be a row showing us the Total Opened positions we have and we can expand or contract that row just like in sub groups to see which symbols we have positions in

2 reasons for that:

1- No need to open Account view and have it take up space

2- If I have Account View opened I will have to look at my P&L and I really don't want to. I know I can hide the P&L column but I always find myself adding it back to see my P&L :P

I would like to be able to see my opened positions all the time in case I have a position and I forgot about it (happened a few times in the past)

Thanks in advance ! :)

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Portfolios don't know anything about account positions. there may be many accounts, and not all of them are started. Checking positions like that becomes very problematic.  You can have multiple account views - one with balances, one without. The one without can have all the usual quote fields in it so basically would be the same as portfolios.

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