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Please note that the HIGH/LOW on the total row does not represent the sum of HIGH * QTY for all the individual rows in the portfolio. That would assume they all hit their high at the same time.Instead, it represents the actual high/low value that the total for the portfolio has reached. Are you not seeing that?

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Adding the subtotals gives me a different figure from the Total,  For example Sub-Total A has 300,000 Sub-Total B has 20,000 On the High. On the Total of the High its has a much higher number 500,000, my portfolio has never reached those highs, its the same on the Total Low except its on the reverse.

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Might have been a spike.


However I do see one problem. Right now those numbers never get reset.  If you open the chart for the total and clear it, that will clear the data and reset the high/low - you can then compare the high/low to the total chart. 


I added it to my todo list to add something that resets the high/low daily

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