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Volume bug?


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The last volume bar suddenly spikes up and out for the two last bars. Attachment is AMD today and volume for two last bars is way above the total of the day.  Happens on all intraday charts on all tickers.

I use QuoteMedia as primary datasource.

I have tried to clear all data, changed source ti IB or TDAmeritrade.

Restart aplication ofcourse.

Im out of ideas, any thoughts?


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All sources are set to QuoteMedia, still tries to log in ti both TDA and IB. 

Its the IB data that screws it up, with TDA its fine. I thought that one of the features was to be able to select multiple datasources, have I got that wrong? I was planning to use the lvl2 from IB since its no lvl2 on QuoteMedia. 

BTW, everything else works like a charm and its by far the best platform I have tried. I canceled DAS Trader after a couple of hours testing Medved trader. Im keeping TC2000 but thats only for the scanning capabilities.

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18 minutes ago, Arg said:

Is it ok to use IB and TDA datasources at the same time? I don't normally do this but was trying it today.

it is OK to do that, as long as you do not have the same symbols getting quotes from both. So of you have 2 portfolio windows open, one for each source, make sure you do not have the same symbol in both portfolios.

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on SETTINGS / TRADING / ACCOUNTS, click on the top IB line. Then on right specify the Alternate Quote Source and change it to TD Ameritrade. Then go to SETTINGS / DATA SOURCES / CONFIGURE ACCOUNTS - select IB, and on right change smart source priority to low or never just in casel

Restart MT.

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