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Intraday charts only show 5 days of data

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I'm 99% sure intraday charts used to show the full 10 days if you had 10 days selected - for a while now they only show 5 days worth of data regardless of what you choose for time interval (1 min, 2 min, 10 min, etc.), so it's not that displaying too many data points is the problem. Anyone else having this problem? Why have view 10 days as an option if you can only see 5 days worth?

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 Max # of Days of Intraday Data: 10
Compress Tick data to OHLC beyond X Days: 5 

There's no way to pick data sources for the charts as far as I can tell (in portfolio view you can click on "Main" and choose your data source) - I don't know if they're using TDA, Ally, or Yahoo. I went to the data source section in Settings and see:

Ally - Intraday OHLO Backfill - Number of Days: 5
TDA - Intraday OHLO Backfill - Number of Days: 10
Yahoo - Intraday OHLO Backfill - Number of Days: 7 (won't let you go higher than 7)

I did note something odd when looking at the TDA data source settings - it has a tickbox option for "Stream Tick Quotes" - Ally and Yahoo don't.

I changed Ally intraday backfill number of days to 10, then reset an intraday chart for the ETF TQQQ to 10 days, and then the chart showed 10 days - tried repeating that for the other open intraday charts and after setting to 10 days, I rechecked, and they were all saying "Period 61 hrs 33 mins". I even tried closing those charts and opening new ones for the same symbols and they're still stuck at 66 hrs + xx mins. Oddly, I just randomly picked some other symbols from portfolios and they all came up showing 10 days - but closing and reopening an existing intraday chart (which are saved in "My Layout") only shows 5 days of data even after backfilling with Ally or TDA.

What's baffling is that TQQQ is also part of my saved default layout and it will show 10 days of data, but no other default intraday chart will go past 5 days. Perhaps I should try closing all the intraday charts, save that layout, close MT, then recreate the 6 intraday charts I'm currently following and see if they go to 10 days? If they do, then I can export/save that layout and I should hopefully see 10 days of data every time I start MT.


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I figured it out - at some point I had set the 5 day view as default for intraday charts, so trying to change any chart to 10 days did nothing. MT "remembers" you had an intraday chart open for a given stock, and remembers it's size and location too - I guess that info is saved as current layout when you close MT, restarting reloads the last layout, so opening/closing a chart didn't change anything. I opened an intraday chart for a stock I've never left open when I closed MT and it loaded as a 10 day chart automatically - I went to "Templates" and made it the default intraday chart, and suddenly all of my 5 day charts expanded to 10 days. Problem solved. Only remaining confusing thing is that if I go to Main/Period, now it shows up as 65 hrs, even though it's really showing 10 days worth of data - but open a new intraday chart of one that's not saved in a layout, check that period value, and it shows 10 days - that's just some kind of quirk, doesn't really need to be fixed.

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