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Would it be possible to add 2nd symbol to historical chart?



I have 2-3 pairs of stocks that tend to trade in tandem because one of the pair owns a significant chunk of stock in a 2nd stock I own (have two pairs of those types), or 1 stock has a high % of total sales tied to a single company, like a tech stock that gets a large % of revs from selling components to AAPL. For at least one pair in which one company owns stock in the 2nd, they can deviate when something big happens to one or the other company, like a huge new contract. For example, GLNG owns a lot of NFE stock as the result of selling $500M in assets in a mostly stock deal - NFE bought the assets near it's peak one year pps, and has almost been halved since then, which gutted the pps of GLNG. But the last week GLNG announced a new deal worth almost $400M for one of their assets and it separated from NFE. It would be great to be able to plot both stocks on a single historical chart to see these deviations and know "I should look into what this happened here" - sometimes news or PRs aren't picked up by any of MT's news sources. For instance, a stock I own signed a deal to sell itself to PFE last Dec 17, on 3/14/22 it closed (that's REALLY fast for a BO to close), and suddenly I had a pile of cash in 3 different accounts to invest but I didn't know it was there - TDA did not send an email alert about the deal closing and money showing up in my accounts, Seeking Alpha didn't pick up PFE's PR announcing the deal had closed, and none of MT's news sources picked up PFE's PR either.

I know that's a different issue and out of MT's control, it can only alert us to what the news services it polls put out - and part of it is how I use MT - I only look at portfolios, don't use the account view, for one because there are much fewer column choices available in account view for some reason, and the missing ones that portfolio view does offer are ones I look at frequently. So most of what I wrote is rationale for why it would be great to be able to plot two stocks on one historical chart - is there anything in the code or API preventing this? Most stock charting services on the net allow you to compare to one of more companies in historical charts, and TDA will even let you make real time comparison charts at one minute intervals for 1, 2, 5, and 10 days - almost the same way MT's intraday charts work.

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