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Horizontal Lines on Intra day and Historical Charts Sync



Medved Team,


Please include horizontal lines to be synched across all charts on all timeframes. this is a standard across across most of the standard charting platform out there, why medved doesn't have this feature.

Please include this feature, this is good for entering and exit trades when day trading/Scalping, hard to look back and forth b/w intra day and historical charts. for these levels.

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this is a long running issue, not a quick fix.  There is kludge you can do for now. New MT (Production) has Price Alerts indicator available on charts.  You can add it to both intraday and historical chart. Then, create a dummy "Price Above/Below" alert at the level you want. You can set it to not log, and not trigger any visible notification (no popup, etc).  Now the chart will show the line at the alert price on both charts.  You can then move the line up/down right on the chart and it will update on both charts.

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