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I currently have news turned on for both IQFeed and Yahoo.  Today there was a light bulb next to symbol GTIV in my portfolio.  I clicked it, read the story, no problem and closed the news window.  Later I clicked the light bulb for symbol DTV and the news window hung (Little blue circle spinning).  Rather than stopping and starting MT, I killed the news window from Task Manager.  Now when I do a CNTL+N on either symbol GTIV or DTV it doesn't show any news for either symbol.  I don't have the NEWS window pinned to a portfolio, I either click the light bulb or use CNTL+N on a symbol to open the news portfolio.  I tried starting and stopping MT several times, but that doesn't make any difference.  By mid-morning another news article popped up for DTV (new light bulb) and I could see ALL of the news for DTV.  However after reading that article, and closing the news window, using CNTL+N on the symbol shows that there is again no news for the symbol.  If I add a new symbol and there is news (light bulb), it works fine.  It seems to be a problem with symbols that I have previously had or currently have in a portfolio.


I only have about 12 symbols in one portfolio, but when I open the news window there are over 800 symbols showing on the left side column.  Perhaps there is a way to clear that out?







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if I have to guess, the problem starts after you view one of the Yahoo articles?


I need to get the log file to see what the problem is. Please do the following:


go to FILE / Export Settings. 

Leave the checkboxes already checked, and also check LOG FILE and NEWS DATA

Export, then email the exported file to support.



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