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Beta Version 1.1.9615.100 Historical backfill problem

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The latest Beta will only backfill about 5 days of historical backfill data unless you select the historical chart and select backfill from there.  I just verified it is an issue because I went back to the previous Beta and the issue doesn't exist there.


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Were you able to replicate the error?  If not, here are some specifics.

1.) While the Historical Paintbar Scan is running in a portfolio and a new symbol is entered, only 4 bars are shown on the historical chart (FYI, the paintbar only refers to 4 daily bars)

2.) I have a Historical chart (daily bars) linked to the portfolio, but the only way to show more than 4 bars is to select the chart and do the backfill from there.  Doing a historical backfill from the portfolio makes no difference. 

3.) I created the paintbar over the weekend and don't recall this error, so it may only occur with real time data....not sure about that. 

Weird one. 

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The fix you gave me yesterday did indeed fix the problem with the new Paintbar scan I was using.  However, with that fix, MT will no longer connect to DXFeed.  I "currently" only use DXFeed for one Level 2 window, but DXFeed won't connect.  I went back to the current Beta version to verify and DXFeed works there fine.  I curently use IQFeed for everything else.

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