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Intra-day data cap



It would be beneficial, even highly desirable, to have a higher daily cap rate for intra-day data, better than 120 days.  365 would be ideal.  I realize that's a big data file, but larger moves require larger data sets.



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Excellent.  As I transition to a more powerful desktop (I'm on a laptop currently) it'll be fine.  Honestly, for the most part, even with my rather low spec ancient system, MT works pretty well.  Only occasionally do I suffer some lag or stuttering.  My trading style requires a more detailed view of the underlying patterns vs the larger daily (they are repetitious in a "growing" magnitude way.  I'm honestly having a little anxiety as the 120 day limit continues to erode my data set, getting closer to removing the "top" to current trend lines and patterns.

This also brings me to a question.  I plan on a multi-monitor rig (three screens) and am leaning to a Quadro for video.  Compatible engine?

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Thanks for implementing my request for a higher daily cap.  Although it's working for individual stocks, it's not back filling the ES.

Which I don't believe is your fault, it appears that TD Ameritrade doesn't provide that tick data so far back.

As an example of WHY I want / need this...is days like today.

Fractal pattern repetition, although excruciatingly labor intensive to recognize, makes it almost like cheating when you can.

I score over 150 in pattern recognition so...it's my edge.


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