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Getting new alert that real time quotes from Ally Invest are not enabled


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Just started happening - and raw trade data is looking odd too - I *think* this comes only from TDA? Warning about Ally - why (or did?) they cut off MT's access to real time quotes, and is it just me, or a problem with MT?



Missing raw sales data for UAN stock, and odd symbol in volume column:




Logged into Ally and went to real time quotes page - this is what I found - what the heck is the "Use Real-Time Quotes : Approval processed next business day." line mean and why was it checked by default?



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realtime data - that is account specific for your ally account.  I asked Ally to check your account.

BF indicator on rows in raw data - that just means that the data came from Backfill. MT stores it as 4 rows per minute, so we indicate that the rows are from backfill to avoid confusion

NOTE: You are logging into Ally which is why the prompt occurs. 

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Posted (edited)

I spoke to an Ally rep, she said my account is enabled for real time quotes, but that's only when I'm using their website - I checked and it matched MT's TDA L2 data exactly for the stock I was looking at - but for some reason MT is not able to fetch real time data from Ally now, and this literally just occurred over the last 48 hours. But I just tried something and it worked - I went to Settings/accounts in MT, picked the Ally account, clicked on the "Verify and get accounts" button, a login screen for Ally appeared in MT,  I entered my username and PW, got the screen below, clicked on Authorize, and boom, problem fixed. Seems like Ally incorporated some kind of new two step verification system or something - on Monday I'll see if I have to repeat the process every time I start MT or if this was a one time thing.

Authorization page from Ally:



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