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Problem with Multiple Data Feeds

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I currently use IQFeed data feed for stock quotes and stock charts.  I also use the TD Ameritrade data feed for Indexes ($DJI) and 1 intraday chart of the same.  (I also use the TD Ameritrade data feed for Level II quotes, but there is never a problem with that.)  The problem I'm about to describe for the portfolio and chart of the indexes using TD Ameritrade data occurs whether the two are pinned to each other or not.


I can open a saved portfolio with symbol $DJI (using TD Ameritrade data feed) and it works fine.  About 10-15 seconds after I open this portfolio, I get an error popup message which states "The quotes on one or more of your portfolios are stopped.  If you want to start them, please click on the "START" button on the left side of the portfolio Main ribbon tab."  However, none of quotes have stopped and everything continues to update.  But, as soon as I click a symbol in another portfolio (which uses IQFeed data feed), the quotes stop in the TD Ameritrade portfolio which contains symbol $DJI.  At this same time, the Intraday chart for $DJI also stops populating (It makes no difference whether the TD Ameritrade portfolio and chart are pinned to each other or not, they both stop populating as soon as I click a symbol in the portfolio that used IQFeed as the data source. (The TD Ameritrade level II quotes never stop, they continue to work fine no matter what I do.)


Also, I have the red triangle showing in the lower left corner of all of the portfolios and the dashboard, so I'll email the log file to you separately in case that is related.


Please let me know if you need any other information from me.








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