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Portfolio totals / sub totals




Can you please see why is SPY calculated differently (as 100 share lot) than other symbols?

Also, can you please calculate sub total and totals for Time Value column too?

Can I request to add a column that calculates option's Time value % of current underlying price? T.V * 100 /Price


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Thank you, I can manage the totals in spreadsheet for now.

I am trying to import a filtered list of options (~500 ) in to MT and scan for basic price values, volatility and option greeks. There are some data points already available, may be if you have time, you can add more option symbols data for scanning.

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Hello, Thanks for adding the column, can you please compare the calculation with my spreadsheet below?

I think I made error on formula above, see if this is correct in spreadsheet for TV%

I think extrinsic value cannot be negative. Are mid prices being used or last? I assumed mid prices below.







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