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chart reset during day


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there are only 4 core ways that a chart an change symbols

1) user typing new symbol
2) Drag/Drop
3) Paste symbol from clipboard
4) using the shortcuts (or menu) to move to move back/forth through history of symbols. ALT+Left would go to previous symbol, ALT+Right to next symbol in history

My guess is that first 3 are not likely.  Could ALT+left/right have been triggered?

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ALT+Right/Left would only do stuff after you change symbols on the chart. Otherwise, there is no history to navigate. Locking would have nothing to do with it.  Are you sure you don't have 2 chart windows on top of each other?

If you can get it to happen, then do so then send us the log right after it happens and in comment indicate exactly which chart changed from what to what.

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