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Available indicators



Installation intuitive and connectivity couldn't be simpler for Win 8.1/Interactive Brokers.  Beginning to learn the product and replicate functionality used in QuoteTracker.


Please include the following indicators if possible:

Volatility Stop - On the chart

In QuoteTracker I select hide the indicator and show the value -- the value shows on the right scale with my selected color of the indicator, but the indicator does not show on the chart.  In MT, when I select hide the indicator and show the value, both the indicator and value are hidden.  Could MT be changed as it is helpful to see the value?


  Weighted TSI - True Strength Indicator

The same as the TSI indicator, but with WMA (Weighted Moving Average) used to calculate it instead of the EMA.
WTSI (Long term, short term, signal)
Bottom indicator
Stochastic Money Flow Index (MFI)

This is a stochastic of the MFI indicator.

StochMFI (Period, St period, signal)  option for Wilder's smoothing

Bottom indicator


This indicator is an oscillator - between 0 and 100, and tries to predict price reversals. Bullish price revesal is indicated by the oscillator rising above 70, while bearish price revesale is indicated by the oscillator falling below 30. The formula is as follows (H,L - current candle's high/low, PH,PL - previous candle's high/low)

if H > PH then DeMax=H-PH else DeMax=0
if L < PL then DeMin=PL-L else DeMin=0
DeMark = 100*SMA(DeMax) / (SMA(DeMax) + SMA(DeMin))
Bottom indicator


Tomorrow I will test performance with my first chart template during market hours and may have some additional feedback.

Many thanks.

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We will eventually add all the indicators that QT had, so the ones you listed will get added. 


As for the value shown on Y axis, we did it that way because  otherwise there is no way to hide that short of removing the indicator and it would have been inconsistent with the rest of the UI. 

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