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MT not showing correct market cap for symbol

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The stock IBRX has 436M shares outstanding, closing price today was $6.41, but MT is showing market cap is only $588M - don't know where the error originates, but that's a darn simple calc to get wrong. Haven't check the rest of my stocks and watchlists for a similar error, just realized IBRX MC was wrong when I wrote about it on Seeking Alpha then read a later comment that gave the current correct MC.

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On 5/9/2023 at 1:08 PM, Jerry Medved said:

 If you view detailed quote, then the data fetched there is stored so it could be old data from there.

Damn, forgot to check what MC was before I opened "detailed quote" (never opened that window before, nice!) - but now MC for IBRX is correct.

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