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Paintbar compile errors when clicking "Switch to Advanced" button

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I'm getting compile errors when taking a simple Paintbar and clicking the "Switch to Advanced button (works OK on some more complex paintbars I have, but not simple one or 2-line ones like the example below.

For example a simple 2-line Paintbar:

If (SMA_LINE(5) < SMA_Line(5)[2] ; // do nothing else { return; }
If (SMA_Line(5) < SMA_Line(5)[1]) {SetColorAndShape(SysColor.MainIndicator3, PBShape.ArrowDn); TriggerAlert("5MA2BarsDown", @"5 MA 2 Bars Down"); SetScanResult(@"PB"); return; } else { return; }

will generate the following when I click the "Switch to Advanced" button:

     Multiple Comple Errors (probable {} imbalance)


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