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Ally Invest is screwing MT again!?!


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Just got this email from Ally - appears we won't be able to trade from within MT or see the account view for an Ally account - I'd close this account if it weren't for too many stocks being in the red that still have a chance to recover - Ally is now blocking usage of any stock software to manage your account, you have to go to their website to do anything. Unrelated but nearly as bad - I've heard that when TDA clients get switched to Schwab they will no longer be able to participate in and stock or fund's DRIP - that really stinks for a CEF like PDI, where you get stock issued at NAV (or 5% off MP, forget which) when it's trading at a premium, which it always does - Scwhab is taking money out of client's pockets making them pay full MP instead of getting the discount.


Changes coming to your Ally Invest Account

For a more secure experience, as of August 1, 2023, your Ally account will no longer be accessible to or from third-party sites or applications via an application programming interface (API).

What this means for you
Your Ally Invest account will stay open and you can access it via the Ally Mobile app or our website, but your account will no longer be linked to or viewable on third-party sites or applications.

If you have questions, please contact us. As always, thanks for letting us be your financial ally.


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