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API connection issue


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Not sure if there has been a recent change but I'm seeing intermittent error on sending commands. Following are tested on my app as well as WSTester.exe.

Socket connection opens but fails to connect with password. I now see in logs <******> instead of plain password when it fails. But WSTester or my app are sending all commands as usual.

MT: 18:31:50.79222 07412: API_WS: SENDING (6a4dbdcf-9): 00009: CONNECTED


23-07-30 18:31:57.581: SENDING:
{cmd: "connect", Pwd: "MYPASSWORD"}

MT: 18:31:57.59143 77392: API_WS: RECEIVING (6a4dbdcf-9): 00034: {cmd: "connect", Pwd: "<**********>"}
MT: 18:31:57.60181 07412: API_WS: SENDING (6a4dbdcf-9): 00199: {
  "cmd": "connect",
  "success": "fail",
  "resultcode": 400,
  "result": {
    "time": "2023-07-30T18:31:57.135",
    "ver": "1.1.9930.105",
    "reason": "need to specify password"

MT: 18:33:21.04030 80588: API_WS: RECEIVING (6a4dbdcf-9): 00019: {"cmd":"enumPorts"}
MT: 18:33:21.05051 07412: API_WS: SENDING (6a4dbdcf-9): 00108: {
  "cmd": "enumPorts",
  "success": "fail",
  "resultcode": 401,
  "result": "need to connect first"

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