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Stock showing delayed quotes


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Just noticed this yesterday - symbol AMRN is now showing a "D" beside it for delayed, plus there's a note I've never seen before, "RTFDelayed" (Real Time Feed Delayed?) - it's been trading under a buck for two months, but it's nowhere close to being delisted - so why is it the only symbol with delayed quotes? I see the same if I switch to Fido as data source (got that working, ignore my other post about it).



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Ok, thanks - any idea why AMRN suddenly started getting delayed/deficient errors? Fido does the same thing - might be related to it being a penny stock? Just found your reply to my post today, also your reply in the bugs forum about Fido quotes not working (they are now) - for some reason Comcast has been rejecting all email sent to the addy I use to get alerts for MT forums,discovered it started on Nov 7 - but I got SPAM in that account just two days ago - how the heck can that happen? (rhetorical question, don't expect you to know the answer, just beyond PO'd because that's my primary business email addy and god knows how many important emails I've missed since then! And Comcast is clueless about what's going on)

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