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Not refreshing screen

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For the last week or so, if I have Medved trader running, and later I put the computer in sleep mode (windows 8.1), when I wake the computer and press the "start" refresh button on MT, it does not refresh, quotes stay stopped.  I have to close down MT, then relaunch it for the stop/start to work. 

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Duration of sleep makes no difference, clicking refresh ineffective. I think it also fails to re-start once I click STOP and have the quotes off for more than a few seconds.


It's after hours here now, so will confirm if this latter issue is the case next week.

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OK, I'll be patient :)

Just woke up the  computer after an hour's sleep mode. Comsec quotes are of course stopped and cannot be refreshed, manually or through start/stop.   Switched the quote source to   yahoo, and they will  refresh, once,  by clicking  refresh. Clicking  start, it refreshes once but doesn't keep going. Frequency is set to 1.

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