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TradingRoom Australia Backfill - Intraday



Hi, Jerry!


I am wondering if you can help answer a question on intraday backfilling, for me please?


I use TradingRoom Australia to backfill intraday data for a time when things have not worked properly or the internet has been down throughout the day, to keep my chart data contiguous. There doesn't appear to be an available setting for this in setup as the backfill field will not accept a tick, under Settings/Data Sources/TradingRoom Australia/Supported Functionality/Backfill (forum rules won't allow attached image).


The link is this, for example:



The data format is this, for example (headings added for clarity):

Ticker,Date(yyyy/mm/dd),Last Time,Price,Volume Time,Price,Volume ...etc

AMP,2014/07/11,5.3300 10:00:14,5.3200,120293 10:01:40,5.3300,55737 10:02:48,5.3100,30878...


...15:58:50,5.4000,17608 15:59:59,5.3900,42339 16:10:57,5.3900,776644

As one of my portfolio lists is not of charts that are useful for intraday watching, I would backfill the entire portfolio list of some few dozen speculative codes, at the end of each day for that one portfolio. This also saves internet traffic, however I am currently refreshing this at 300 seconds for now.


Therefore, is it possible to implement some functionality to assist with this at some point, please?


I appreciate your time.



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