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Price but no charts for Australian indices


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My data source is Comsec,  and while everything works well for individual stocks,  I can't get charts for ASX indices such as the all ordinaries (XAO:ASX);  small ordinaries  (XSO:ASX); financials (XFJ:ASX). 


The price levels, high/low. change etc display, but no historic charts.  "There is no data to chart" comes up on the historic chart page, with no chart.


For each of the indices:


Raw data-- the last is for April 16 2014

historic data- only the present day is available



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intraday data and EOD data for the historical charts comes from different sources and likely uses different symbols for indices.  We do not currently have any conversions for the symbols.  You can click on the dropdown menu on the backfill button and select Backfill As... and specify the symbol used by the Hist Backfill source. For example, if using Yahoo, the symbol would be  $AORD:ASX.  NOTE: once you do that, MT will remember the setting on subsequent auto backfill requests. 


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