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Error message popped up


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I just got the following error message that popped up:


Medved Trader encountered an Error
General Exception in IQFEED HIST Backfill Parsing: System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Specified argument was out of the range of valid values.
Parameter name: SaveHistQuotes
   at MT.StoredData.SymbolData.SaveHistQuotes(IEnumerable`1 Collection, Boolean SaveLastQuoteOnly) in C:\MedvedTrader\StoredData\SymbolData.cs:line 403
   at MT.StoredData.SymbolData.MergeHistBackfill(List`1 BFDays, CancellationToken CancelToken) in C:\MedvedTrader\StoredData\SymbolData.cs:line 746
   at MT.RScriptBase.streamerBase.MergeHistBackfill(SymbolData SymData, List`1 Ticks, CancellationToken CancelToken, StreamerSymbol streamSymbol) in C:\MedvedTrader\RScriptBase\streamerBase.cs:line 612
   at MT.RScriptBase.RUNTIME.Streamer_IQFEED.AfterHistBackfill(Task`1 BackfillTask, StreamerSymbol streamSymbol) in c:\Users\DAD\AppData\Local\2GK\Medved Trader\Temp\Compile\0us3zkdz.0.cs:line 1825
Please contact Medved Trader technical support and provide the error details
AppVer: 1.0.4708.2132 Err.Flags: Log, ShowIndicator, ShowToUser
Please let me know if you need any other information. - Tim
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on update it is showing this message,


Medved Trader ecountered an Error


"unable to process the updates; The system cannot find the file specified.

Please contact Medved trader technical support and provide the detail. 

AppVer: 1,0,4898,2147 Err,Flags; Show to user

Unable to check for updates.

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First - you don't need to re-type the message :).  You can right click on the text in the error and select COPY, then paste it here.


Can you please check if a file called MTUpdater.exe is there in:

C:\Program Files\Medved Trader\


It will show as just "MTUpdater"


and what security software are you using?


After checking, you can manually update. Just download the update from the same URL that was given to you initially, or let me know and I will email you 

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 File is there, on opening program it prompted to update again. After updating same message came again.

I use ZoneAlarm and MS defender using window 8.1.

if I have to update from link will it complete uninstall and then Install?

Could I safe my portfolios and setting in this case?

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