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QuoteGrid data from mixed feeds



Right now I use TDA for US stocks and Stockwatch for Canada.


As it stands, MT requires separate QuoteGrids for Canada and US stocks.


BUT many Canadian stocks trade in the US. It would be far better to put them in the same QuoteGrid, where related symbols can be adjacent.


Could you add this feature ? 


How this may work:


User specifies a "default" feed. This can be any feed, delayed or real-time. As the name implies, MT uses this by default, for symbols that do not have a suffix.


User may also specify a "preferred" feed for symbols with specific suffix. It overrides the default feed, for specific suffixes.


In my case, I would pick TDA as default. Any symbol without a suffix (US stocks) would get data from TDA.

I would specify Stockwatch as "preferred" for ":CA" suffix, so Canadian stocks would get data from there.


The ability to view related US/Canadian symbols in the same grid is VERY useful. At some future date, when MT enables custom-computation in the QuoteGrid, it will be even more essential.


E.g. XYZ:CA trades at a discount to XYZ (when factoring USD.CAD exchange rate) -> arbitrage opportunity.


(I know, right now I could add US symbol subscription to Stockwatch and mix symbols that way, for extra $)


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We are not likely to mess with this.  However, you have a few options:

1) since TDA will not quote Canadian securities and MT won't even send them to the server, you can just stick the same Canadian symbols into both TDA and Stockwatch portfolios. They will be ignored by TDA, will be updated by Stockwatch. and will show updated in both places.


2) you can have 2 different portfolios for streaming symbols from 2 different sources and just have them minimized, but have a 3rd portfolio with all the symbols, without even having the quotes started. As long as the symbols are getting data from only one source at a time, it will be fine to have them located in multiple portfolios.

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