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Quick-scroll in Raw Window



Please add an easy way to move the cursor back and forth by predefined amounts in raw window.


Scrolling through hundreds or thousands of rows looking for specific points in time can be difficult.



  • back or forward by 1 hour;
  • prior day / next day opening bar; 
  • current day opening / closing bar;


Ideally this can be performed via hotkey (or right-click menu).


Thank  you.

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Thank you, that is true.... but PgUp/PgDn move a specific number of rows and not by a specific time interval. In stocks that have many trades it can be cumbersome to find specific times this way.


So maybe you can add Ctrl-PgUp/Ctrl-PgDn to move back or fwd by one whole day ?


And using Ctrl-F search function is slow from the user's perpective (but maybe you can add pre-defined jump points in the menu like 1day back 1day fwd)

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| ADDED - Raw Data - CTRL+PageUp/down scrolls to next/previous day


Thank you very much.


Alas, when I requested this, I did not realize that using Ctrl would hold the trace frozen.


Maybe a better alternative is AltPgUP/AltPgDn, so trace-linked charts will show the cursor moving ? Or maybe you can disable cursor freezing temporarily some other way?


Also, a minor bug report - in my setup of 3 trace-linked charts, 2 intraday bar charts scroll to include the correct day, but tick chart does not.

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Great, will you consider another tweak ?


Right now the function of  Ctrl-UP_Arrow / Ctrl-DN_Arrow  is identical to Ctrl-Home / Ctrl-End, which is redundant.


I suggest you assign Ctrl-UP_Arrow / Ctrl-DN_Arrow to move back & forth in data by 1-hr increments.


And more: make these 1-day and 1-hr increments the defaults for user-configurable data scrolling increments.


Thank you.

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