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Horizontal lines not saved in Historical chart templates


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Actually the horizontal lines are saved even with fixed values - this is GOOD!


Though from your reply above it does not look like that is your intent, I like that the horizontal lines are saved even with the fixed values. I think the user can always change the values to suit the symbol after loading the template - better than having to "re-add" horizontal lines each time he/she loads the template especially if one has many lines.


The problem I had was when I try to load the template over an already existing historical chart, the horizontal lines disappeared. But, if I load the template as a "new chart", the horizontal lines are there with the saved values. This occurs with intraday charts also.



If I may, I'd like to ask that you make the horizontal lines load with the template when loading over an existing chart. Or at least leave it as is, and not "fix" it to what you described above.


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Thanks. I initially bulked at the thought of losing the "adjust scale", but after thinking about it I accept that that's a good compromise. Also, users can pad the y-axis scale if they need to bring the line into focus.


I really appreciate your working with me on this - hopefully others will benefit from this too.

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