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Vanishing Portfolio Column

Lew Payne

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In the portfolio window, I was attempting to move the "Exchange" column.  The graph window partially occluded the portfolio window (it appears the graph window never gives up position focus, always wanting to be on top - a rather obtrusive annoyance).  I began to drag the "Exchange" column to the left.  While dragging it past the occlusion, the "Exchange" column disappeared altogether.  It is no longer one of the portfolio columns, and does not appear in the "Column Chooser" - it has, for all intents and purposes, effectively vanished.



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Are you able to recreate this? I tried a few times and when I drag the column over the chart, the mouse cursor changes to the "Disabled Drop" cursor. When I move it back over the columns, it shows OK. Have not been able to recreate what you describe.


As for charts on top - thats intentional.  By default MT is configured to support many charts. With lots of charts open, we didn't want to have each one on the task bar, so that is turned off. In order to keep the charts from being hidden by the portfolios, we keep them on top (and Level II, and raw data).


That can be changed in settings as well as the icons on taskbars.

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JM> Are you able to recreate this?


If I could somehow "find" the lost column again, I could try to recreate the issue.  I've restarted MT, opened up "Column Chooser," and that column is still nowhere to be found (should I be looking somewhere else?).


With the testing I'm doing, the default window focus priority becomes annoying.  Thanks for letting me know how to change it.

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So far, using the Sample Portfolio, I am unable to reproduce the problem.  However, at this point, my windows are not positioned or sized exactly the same as they were when the problem occurred.  I will, from time to time, move the "Exchange" column past an occluding graph window and see if I can cause it to happen again.


It's interesting... in the "New Portfolio" where this took place, the column is simply nowhere to be found.


If it's of any value to you, I do have the MTLog file, of course... though at level 20.

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