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  2. lol, I do , but not daily. good catch on the Triggersize thing. I JUST!!! added that extra text to remind myself when entering the value, That's what broke the code. I haven't been working with the codebase for some time, so forgot that was the VARIABLE NAME. jezuz
  3. im reading your message now, keep in mind this was working for me fine for many months, so something def changed
  4. Feature working great and saves frustration of having to redo each tick chart after a sync- Thanks!
  5. Does anybody know the symbol for the 2yr treasury yield. Also, is anybody aware of a symbol for the 2/10 spread. Thanks.
  6. can't really do that. Looked into it before, but requires way too much work to get it to function. Internally we have a 2nd instance build, but that requires me to keep up with the updates for it (make updates). and that is just 2. Cannot do more than that. In general, we do not support multiple instances, or virtual desktops. you could run a 2nd instance in a virtual machine, in which case it would work.
  7. Current MT windows setting can't be saved/restore crossing virtual desktops(I have 8 V desktops for 3 monitors Windows 10 set up), whenever I start MT, I need to move the windows around the V desktop(take lots of time), if each MT can start on its own V desktop would be much convenience. maybe can follow what Google Chrome browser does, it allow run production version and Beta version on the same pc( installed in different folders) Thanks.
  8. This was fine, for a long time but today not working at all. No errors, just not executing when placed in chart. Tired new chart . Same problem Saw it work with some symbols but not others, alert window fired, but no sound alert , etc. Tried reloading MT, no help Cant find version info, think Im running the most recent beta scan.txt
  9. Earlier
  10. Fixed - go to Dashboard's File menu / Help / Check for Updates
  11. Commsec Australia changed stuff for their Level II. Just updated MT so it works again. If you are a Commsec client, select FILE/HELP => Check for updates. Let MT update all files, and then restart MT, even if nothing was updated.
  12. My L2 just stopped working this morning. Did Medved drop Comsec costumers? Or is it a temporary fault?
  13. no not yet. Still on the todo list. Right now we added Fidelity trading and are adding Webull (next beta probably). after that will look at Kraken
  14. Any updated plans on adding Kraken with the there more advanced api. Looks like they have streaming market data https://support.kraken.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000672023-What-is-an-API-What-does-an-API-do-
  15. Yes, I only use one or the other. Not both at the same time!
  16. You can't be using both TD Ameritrade and Ally. A portfolio can only have one quote source . Has to be one of them. Send me the log please. Go to FILE / HELP => Send Log/Settings to support menu (from Dashboard or Portfolio) And add this Post’s URL in the comment.
  17. I just decided to re-boot my computer to see if that would help and it did. Everything appears to be working fine now. Thanks!
  18. I am using TD Ameritrade and Ally. I have restarted the program and have been pressing the start/stop button without success. It was working just fine previously. Strange!
  19. No issues here with either. (I am monitoring both). Which specific source is selected on the portfolio that has the yellow/red?
  20. I stopped getting streaming quote updates about an hour ago. I am using TDA and Ally. The stop/start button just remains as either yellow or red. Anyone else experiencing this?
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