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SCHWAB integration - RELEASED BETA! (NOTE: some limitations)

Jerry Medved

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EDIT: New PRODUCTION version :
https://medvedtrader.com/download  or via prompt within the program itself.

We are still waiting on some fixes from Schwab, so for now OPTIONS and LEVEL II are not available.  We will enable them in the future. 

UPDATE: Streaming issues (OPTIONS, LEVEL II, Account Activity) have been resolved. UPDATE TO THE LATEST (1.1.9932.310 or higher)

SOME Account types, like TRUST, are not yet available via Schwab's API for trading. Will be in the future
NOTE: Schwab is currently restricting access to ONE login per login ID. I do not know if that will be changed.  To run MT on multiple computers with the same login ID, there is a workaround further in the replies


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Thanks for the update! I do have some questions.

1. Does this integration with Schwab mean that stock quotes and trading is available through MT?
2. Do we need to perform an update to enable this new integration?
3. Can we also get index quotes using this new Schwab integration?

Thanks for your response. There may be others with similar questions.

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OK, cannot test trading today, but all Level 1 quotes seem to working fine for stocks/futures on one of my machines.

One issue with me though.  I have 9 Schwab accounts, and when I configured my Schwab source in MT, it only found 8 (of the 9) accounts to migrate into MT.  My Taxable Trading TRUST account was not recognized for MT import for some reason.  When I log into web-based Schwab using same login, of course, all 9 display without issue.  I never had issue with this "TRUST" account with MT/TDA.

Any idea on what i can look for here?

Thanks in advance.

Edited by Doug Hayman
Added "TRUST" acct reference
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Hi Doug - during the login process one of the pages that shows is a list of accounts that you are authorizing.  The account in question was not listed there, right?

before today, Schwab API was restricted to not work with a bunch of account types.  One of the things we were waiting for was for the update that went in last night to enable a whole bunch of different account types. However, I believe they still have some more to do, and I assume the Trust type is one of them. I will check with them about that.

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Jerry, that account was not listed there when I authorized, correct.

On my Schwab end,  In the Security Settings -> Third Party Access, there is an entry for MT that lists the 8 (of 9) accounts.  I assume that was entered on their side, when I agreed to using MT for this source via my authorization.

Thanks for looking into it.  Again FYI, if a "Trust" account is treated differently by Schwab for some reason, I never had an issue with this type of account with MT/TDA.

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should not have to. Are you using Schwab in MT on more than one computer? 

If not, then I need to get the log file to see what the problem is. Please do the following:

Go to FILE / HELP => Send Log/Settings to support menu (from Dashboard or Portfolio)

And add this Post’s URL in the comment. 

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I am using MT on 3 PC, one instance each running simultaneously, When one instance restart and ask for authorization, all other will ask also.  Each instance was individually authorized before several times.

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Schwab is restricting access to a single connection per login (which is problematic with all accounts on one login). Thus the authorization stuff you are seeing.  Here is a way to get around that:

  1. On each of the 3 computers, save your Layout (FILE/SAVE LAYOUT) and then close ALL MT Windows (other than the dashboard)
  2. Close MT on all 3.
  3. start MT on one of the PCs, Load Layout (FILE/LOAD LAYOUT) and login to Schwab.
  4. Go to FILE/EXPORT, Select JUST "User Settings" in the list and select "For <your email> Account Only" on the right side for the Export File Protection
  5. NOTE the location of the file that will be exported.  EXPORT The settings, and copy the file to the other 2 computers
  6. On each of the other computers, start MT, select FILE/IMPORT and import the file you copied in step 5
  7. On each of the other computer, select FILE/LOAD LAYOUT and select the layout you saved in step 1.

Now as long as you login to Schwab on one of the computers at least once within 7 days, it should be OK.  However if you get a full login with Authentication again, you would have to do the steps again. 

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