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  1. Any one else has the same issue this morning? "Fidelity joins the stampede to eliminate fees for online trading"
  2. Under Transactions panel, see if possible add : a (un)select all' button/Cancel checked orders beside "Open:" and add check box at the beginning of each order, this way can quick cancel the order(s)(instead click each of them). thanks,
  3. you right, got it now, thanks.
  4. Hi Jerry, is any configure for the' chart' to use what time frame data( ie, current day data or ALL data,etc)? I noticed that 'chart' is not match the actual data(current day) , for example, the NGM smybol was added around 8:30am(CST) to MT pro , price open was 8.81 and gradually climb over 11, but the chart field shown opposite of this(ie, open at high then down)? also https://finance.yahoo.com/quote/NGM/ as reference
  5. Jerry and Team, Is there a way to disable the pop ups as they already shown in trade logs, sometime need to send multiple orders within seconds>? also is there a MT api plan for order entry or get steam quote(current http quote API is very limited). Thanks,
  6. Hi Jerry, Do you have list brokers which have conditional order in MT? specially I am interest in TDA/e-trade ( as I plan to choose one of them to open an account, both TDA and e-trade both become free trade brokers today)
  7. Jerry, any plan to add conditional order to Robinhood? ( it seems WeBull has conditional order)
  8. that's great, on par with TDA then, thanks
  9. Hi Jerry, How many symbols(maximum limit) Webulll can stream in MT? Thanks.
  10. thanks for the quick repose, it worked !
  11. Hi Jerry For CNU19 symbol( see the dettail in attached), @CNU19:SGX is not working on MT Do you know what need to be for it working on MT,thanks
  12. Current MT windows setting can't be saved/restore crossing virtual desktops(I have 8 V desktops for 3 monitors Windows 10 set up), whenever I start MT, I need to move the windows around the V desktop(take lots of time), if each MT can start on its own V desktop would be much convenience. maybe can follow what Google Chrome browser does, it allow run production version and Beta version on the same pc( installed in different folders) Thanks.
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