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    Been waiting for Candlevolume charts forever. There's a few other charting platforms that support it. Wonder if there's a technical reason why it can't be implemented.
  2. Hi guys. Revisiting this from 3 years ago. Has an further thought gone into Equivolume or candle volume charts? Or has it dropped off your list?
  3. +1 for this. I would prefer not to have the icon on screen. I prefer to access MT from the bottom taskbar.
  4. Etrade. The code is XAO on etrade pro.
  5. What are the index symbol codes for Australian equities. QT used XAO for all ords I seem to recall. XAO:ASX doesn't work in MT. Nor does AORD:ASX.
  6. I'd like to request Accumulation/Distribution.
  7. Would like to request OBV or Price and Volume Trend indicator. Thanks.
  8. Sometimes I want to just look at a raw chart without any indicators on it. Would be nice to be able to right mouse click and go 'Global Hide Indicators' and 'Global Show Indicators'.
  9. Deomega you might have to Google it.
  10. QT Etrade ASX still working so would you be able to configure from a current QT login script?
  11. Simlarly, I have etrade asx feed through QT that I'm very happy with. Hopefully that can be implemented as well along with reliable historical backfill. Is historical backfill usually available through the general trading account, or do you have to get it from another source?
  12. Sorry, Mike I don't know the mechanics of the candles/boxes but I find them the most informative chart to read. Prorealtime has a good implementation of candlevolume https://www.prorealtime.com/en/ also http://video.indicatorwarehouse.com/dynamic-equivolume-bars-indicator/
  13. Love to be able to use Equivolume charts (basic or candlestick volume) with the ability to have buy/sell crossover points based on customised parameters (signal lines). It being a historical timescaled chart (week, month, year, custom) with the current days intraday data updating the box/candle. Thanks.
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