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Bell Direct AU not allowing connection


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Bell Direct is not allowing log in.  Have checked my password etc. and can get onto the website alright.


I remember with QT that brokers would sometimes find out MT is accessing data and they would try to prevent it (even though it helps their own clients trade...idiots).  Is this likely to be what's happening?

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Hi, Having only just re-entering the share market since the GFC days I was pleased to find you had kept Medved Tracker alive from the old QT days. I have the very latest version but have found the problem previously reported with Bell Direct Not supporting Level II feeds seems to have reoccurred. I can login fine on any browser into the Bell Direct website so it might be due to another layout change since you last addressed this. Im keen to get my trading friends back onto Medved Trader as well but would prefer to show that Level II is available before I show them the latest incarnation of the program. Kind Regards Andrew Ayers

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Andrew, could you do the following to help me fix the problem:

1) set logging level to 200 on the bottom right of the main dashboard window

2) Refresh the Level II window

3) Send me the Log file and settings: go to FILE / HELP / Send Log/Settings to support.  (Put in URL to this page in the comment on that page)

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