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Backfill all?


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it works the same in MT - Backill all button is on the portfolio. We don't want to allow Backfill all for all portfolios because that abuses the servers and is not needed in most cases.  

 Ive wasted 10 years of my life pressing BF on all 5 or 6 ports I use. Every day , sometimes more if QT crashes.


 Really would like to see a BF all, maybe 10 years ago it was too much for the servers. today, not the case imo.


 Isnt the backfill only requesting  missing data or do you just ask for everything over again?

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with the way MT does smart backfill, why do you even need it? MT will auto-backfill when you open a chart. It knows to only backfill current day if backfill is not current, or even nothing at all at times. So the backfill process is fast.  Plus unlike QT, MT stores the data right away.


As for servers, multiply # of symbols you are doing, by number of people running MT, who all would do backfill all at about the same time (yes, beginning of the day). It can get to be a problem. And some people have tons of large portfolios. They initiate it once, and not only put undue load on servers, it will cause MT datafile to grow huge and cause them problems, which causes US problems. So lets say its complicated :)


What I am thinking is maybe add an option to backfill selected windows from the Dashboard WINDOWS view  - where you highlight the windows you want to backfill (charts and/or portfolios) and right click and select backfill. and if more than X, it would prompt to confirm.  You can highlight all (CTRL+A), right click, Backfill All. Would that work?  

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  The only time I need to backfill everything is if I start the day after the market open , or as mentioned if QT (now MT) crashes for some reason and loses the data.


   When I say backfill all, I am referring to ONLY open portfolio windows, certainly  not ones that are not being displayed.


   I keep a lot of symbols on display (100 or so), but in total I think it takes less than 2 minutes to backfill them all. Certainly not a problem for the servers.


   As you suggest, an option to select the portfolios  to backfill would be an improvement.  Or, if the notion of only backfilling OPEN portfolios is acceptable, an option for that.

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Backfill all portfolios - Open only would be acceptable, but then the option I suggested gives that ability really easy ( you can sort the sources display by type, so all portfolios are together)


Keep in mind that if we make some option available, we have to take into account how many different people would use it, not just you.  And I don't want to get notices from companies that our users are taking 10% or more of their bandwidth like we did with Yahoo back in early 2000's :)


Portfolio window - on top, in the MAIN tab on the ribbon, has Backfill All and Hist Backfill all buttoins

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