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Heavy CPU


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MT does use a bit more. However, there are other things that can impact it.  Are you using Microsoft Security Essentials?

  A bit more would be ok, this is 5X more. not ok ;-).   Yes I do use MSE, should I exclude MT, I konw I did that with QT .  Is that why so high CPU?

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 Did all the exclusions, still seeing the same high 20-30% constant cpu. 


 Even disabled real time protection on MSE, no diff


 Thinkorswim  & IB running on same machine , neither even 1/2 that on a consistent basis .


 Old QT (stocks.exe) running at 5%? and doing more actually, than MT.


 Tried disabling global alerts, not it.  Somethings not right , just updating symbols and 5 charts, 2 Level 2s'

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 Still seeing very heavy cpu usage .  Disabled alerts. same .


Using 2 GIG ram????? 40% average CPU.   not good.


Drops off at 4PM as soon as the quotes die off.


Maybe the throttle you talked about needs tweaking.   At this rate , the cpu runs hot.  Running an i5-750 quad core,  8 gig ram Win 7 64bit

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